Perpetual Encryption
  • Perfect & Ideal Secrecy - encryption based on a Perpetual OTP, designed to be secure
  • No Keys Architecture - removes key distribution problem at source
  • Simple to extend - 3 lines of code to strenghen what you've already built
  • Works anywhere - SDK's available in any language for any device


A set of unified APIs and tools that instantly enables you as a businesses or individual to super encrypt your data.

Secure by Design

Our solution is 10 2158 times more secure than existing Industry standards, meaning its Quantum Compute & AI secure.

Flexible & Simple

Our platform secures your data in transit and at rest, just by adding 3 lines of code, whether you are a team of 1 or 5,000.

Works Everywhere

Our platform works on any platform, any device, any network, any language and over any protocol, all with greater control.

No keys architecture

Our platform is future ready & we are the only solution ready for IOT, offering ideal & perfect security with no keys to distribute & manage.

Authentication and Authorisation

Provides authentication and authorisation of your data, at a group or individual level, for data at rest and in transit.


Available as an SDK and API in many languages, allowing you to work on the platform of your choice, super encrypting your data using technologies you love.

Our Crypto Complexity increases over time

The complexity of your encrypted data using Perpetual Encryption increases over time, making it harder and harder to access your senstive data.

Consistent & Simple approach

Simplify your life with a consistent approach to securing your data for both client and server side code.

Encryption as a Service

A simple set of API's to supporting encrypting, decrypting and authorising your data securely, supporting any corporate or network scenario you envisage.

Application Extensions

Available as an extension to commonly used applications including those from Microsoft, Adobe and Apple, super encrypting your existing files, email and data.


We provide a unified set of APIs & tools that instantly enables users to accept and manage encryption of their data.

This means you can encrypt your app, website, network or device, super encrypting & securing your data at rest and in transit, just by adding a few lines of code.


Perpetual Encryption is secure by design, rethinking encryption and security from the ground up.


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